Welcome to From Anxiety to Ease - the Legal Edition

Hi, we're Ellen and Melanie, and we welcome you to From Anxiety to Ease - the Legal Edition, an offering we feel has been in creation since we met in 2015, as two lawyers turned therapists sharing each of our experiences counselling law students and lawyers behind the closed and confidential counselling door. We began distilling themes and the most significant ways we helped turn our clients toward freedom and have now included our core teachings into this course in the hopes that we can help more lawyers than we can see one on one. We are offering From Anxiety to Ease - the Legal Edition free for a limited time introductory price of $127 CDN.

From Anxiety to Ease - the Legal Edition

Through this six week course, you'll come to understand how the paradox of anxiety works - that approaching our anxiety gently rather than trying to eliminate it is actually the key to freedom.  Having insight into this may be enough to turn your anxiety around.

You'll be guided through short practices to experience relief from your anxiety. These are not required practices that you must do in order to be well or "fix yourself" but rather will allow you to access and experience your innate ability to handle life and feel well. 

Our greatest wish for you is that you will come to see and know that you can trust yourself and expand your life beyond just "surviving".

You will have lifetime access to this course so that you can return to this understanding as needed.

What others are saying...

The five minute video modules are particularly helpful for busy lawyers (and busy other people) to have bite-size strategies that can be quickly and easily accessed in moments of need.  I've watched other courses/programs on anxiety and meditation and while they often make helpful points, I never complete them or engage the strategies because I can't find the time.
Alissa C., lawyer
Melanie and Ellen are cornerstones of calm. They immediately remind me that more than anxiety is possible for me.
VS, lawyer
My self critical voice has now been replaced with a gentle approach that values caring for myself.
AB, attorney
You said so many things that resonated with me (I took notes lol) which is so validating, and your overall compassionate, soothing natures create a true sense of support.  It felt as if you were walking alongside me in each module, and this sense of support and "rooting" for me, helps me to internalize that and feel that way towards myself.
Lawyer, Toronto, Canada

What's Included in From Anxiety to Ease

Week 1 - The Paradox
What if everything you thought you knew about anxiety was wrong? Here we explore the paradox that anxiety presents us with: that we can actually enlist anxiety as an ally in preserving our well-being. Anxiety can lead us to the path to experience relief and ease. Counter-intuitive but incredibly powerful when we learn how to safely converse with the "monster". 

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Week 2 - Cultivating Self Trust
Often times anxiety erodes the trust we have in ourselves that we are able to get through challenging times. It can feel like the discomfort of anxiety will never end, that we don't have what it takes to quiet our minds, that worry is inescapable, that we can't endure the suffering we feel, much less that relief is possible or even probable. In this module, we invite a conversation about developing and reconnecting with a sense of self trust, a belief that we are able to weather the storm, we are able to problem solve, we can survive the difficulties we are currently experiencing, we have it in ourselves to brave the journey and reunite with a sense of hope that relief is on the horizon.

  • video teaching
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  • downloadable audio practice: experiencing self trust

Week 3 - Creating Relief Lines
This section develops your inherent capacity to experience relief from anxiety. We will take you through brief guided practices so that you can experiment for yourself with how to access relief.

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  • downloadable audio practice: 5 senses grounding
  • downloadable audio practice: calm place visualization
  • downloadable audio practice: breathing for relief

Week 4 - True Resilience
We all have resilience, we just have to recognize and access it. We lose access to our resilience because of cultural programming and conditioning - the beliefs perpetuated directly or indirectly around us. Unknowingly or unintentionally, our workplaces, families and other institutions give us unhelpful and ineffective messaging about resilience. In this module, we point you in the direction of what it means to have true resilience. 

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Week 5 - The Appropriateness of Anxiety
Often times anxiety makes us feel crazy. Let us reassure you, you are not crazy. You are a human being having a human experience. And your experience may be appropriate given the circumstances you find yourself in. Sometimes, anxiety may be calling you towards finding safety from inappropriate or harmful behaviours of others. Anxiety may be calling you towards identifying your values and determining whether legal culture or the culture at large is supporting them. In this section we hope to acknowledge the direct or implicit experiences that contribute and grow anxiety among legal professionals. 

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Week 6 - Expanding Beyond Survival
Many of us, knowingly or unknowingly, are living just to survive. Survival is an inborn instinct and not something to judge or shun, but rather part of the collective human experience, or any organism's journey for that matter. When we relate to our survival instincts with understanding and compassion, even lightheartedness, we are able to access other dimensions of being human, beyond survival. We are able to access compassion, creativity, stillness or ease, awe and wonder. Every moment that we recognize our fear, anxiety or discomfort, with understanding, is a moment where our true resilience and expansive capacities are possible.

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  • downloadable audio practice: expanding beyond survival
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More about the course creators

Melanie and Ellen met in 2015 while working as Student Success and Wellness Counsellors at Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto. Together they developed and taught Osgoode`s first comprehensive mindfulness course in 2017. In their work as facilitators, Ellen and Melanie foster a safe and open learning environment in which participants easily receive relevant information and practice effective tools to champion their vitality. They value facilitating reflection, curiosity, conversation and experiential activities with participants, while ensuring a space that supports diversity, equity and inclusion. They are previously lawyers and now psychotherapists.

Program Disclaimer:
This program does not substitute or replace customized/one on one medical or health care advice.